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ProgeCAD trusted by over 350000 customers across the globe since 1999
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Top 10 Reasons to choose progeCAD

1.Get Real Value for Money! High functionality and returns at low cost.

2.Up to 20 times faster in opening and saving drawings. Highly optimized Graphics Engine.

3.Similar interface, commands, icons and shortcuts like popular CAD Softwares.

4.Works natively on DWG, DXF and DGN formats. No need of any file conversions.

5.In-built PDF to DXF and Raster to Vector Conversion Tools.

6.Batch plotting, Hatch Trim, Table Command, Dynamic Block Edit, 3D PDF Export etc.

7.Create Architectural Layouts in a flash with parametric plug-in. In-built EasyArch3D Plugin.

8.Google Earth® Integration.

9.22000 block library for Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Structural drawings. Just drag and drop the symbols to your drawing.

10.Customize ProgeCAD using LISP, DCL, VBA, C++, TX and IRX Programming Tools.

Customer Voice

I am no stranger to progeCAD. I am an Architect & Interior Designer handling a variety of projects including quite sophisticated projects.

We are veterans in CAD since 1996. When my office switched over to progeCAD when 2011 version came with a special Indian Price tag, that was the wisest move I had made in the whole of my professional life. Wh...

Sivakumar P.R.S. |

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ProgeCAD Professional Software

ProgeCAD is a professional CAD software which is a cost effective and highly reliable. It supports the industry standard DWG & DXF file formats without the need of any conversions. ProgeCAD is powered by latest IntelliCAD Engine and is a European Technology being handled by progeCAD srl, Italy. Exclusive India Price: ProgeCAD is available in India with special discount up to 70% compared to ProgeCAD Global prices. Our motto is to offer Indian Engineers a high value, cost effective CAD Solution challenging the exorbitant prices from other CAD software suppliers.


ProgeSOFT has started CAD software development way back in 1985. The first library of Graphic Symbols for a CAD software was developed and delivered to ABB, Italy in 1985. ProgeSOFT became the Founding Member of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) in 1999 and launched ProgeCAD software commercially across the globe. ProgeCAD is based on ITC CAD Application developed based on Open Design Alliance Teigha Libraries to read and write DWG, DXF and DGN files. Both ITC and ODA are non-profit Organizations.